What is Bullying?
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Tuesday, 14th July 2020

What is Bullying?

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what is bullyBullying is when a stronger or more powerful person hurts or frightens a smaller or weaker person on purpose and does this again and again.

  • If you are being bullied, try to remember that it's not your fault.
  • Don't blame yourself. The bully is always to blame.
  • How widespread is Bullying in Ireland?

The Anti-Bullying Research & Resource Centre (ABC) was set up by Dr. Mona O’Moore in the Education Department of Trinity College Dublin and was opened officially in January, 1996.

The Centre opened on foot of work done by Dr. O’Moore and her team on the Nationwide Survey of Bullying at School in Ireland. Initially set up as an independent research body targeting the area of bullying, a course it continues to follow, the resource side of ABC's work now includes studies around counselling and "victim support."

The aforementioned study of Bullying indicates that some 31% of Primary Students and 16% of Secondary Students have been bullied at some time. In simple terms and if 900,000c. students make up the Irish school going population, approximately 23% or 207,000 children are at risk of suffering the ill effects of bullying.

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