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Dear Parents / Guardians,

I hope you are all keeping well and looking after yourselves and those dear you. That is THE most important message to hold close these days when we are adjusting to a new 'normal'.
I know lots of people feel that school work should be done every day by all children at home and that. Please remember Parents and Guardians are not now expected to Home School all children.

Home schooling is a choice made by people …. This situation emerged and no one had a choice. Some points to remember to help you all through: Keep a regular routine.

 Do a little academic learning every day.
 Do a little different learning every day.
 Play outside
 Go for a walk
 Bake cookies… paint pictures … paint walls!

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 Children need reassurance that all will be ok
 School work should not be causing tension
 Children will not regress
 All children are in the same boat
 Teachers will iron out all the bumps when we get back to school

The Wellbeing of all our children is the priority and focus these days. Look after that above all else…

Stay well and stay safe and keep following all guidelines. You are all doing a great job…. Keep it up, for all our sakes.

We will keep in touch and give some ideas for people should they feel the need. To that end there is a sample timetable that people might feel useful. Please don't feel you have to follow it precisely…it might provide ideas on how to structure your day's activities.

Best wishes,
From Everyone in St. John of God School.

This little piggy... Stayed at home !!!!!
School is closed until March 29th
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