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Frequently Asked Questions

St. John of God Primary School FAQ
How do I meet the class teacher?

There is a formal parent - teacher meeting every year. The timing of these meetings will be circulated to all families once decided upon.

Parents may make an appointment to see the class teacher or the Principal at any mutually convenient time.

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How do I receive information from the school?

A newsletter is brought home each term by the pupils. The latest news will also be posted, together with previous newsletters, on the website in the Newsletters page. (Registered website 'users' have the Newsletters automatically e-mailed. - see below for further details)

You are also asked to keep your eye on the Parents' Page as the school's Home School Liaison Teacher, Pauline Duggan, publicises an array of different activities, from Art to Zumba, that are available in the school.

Another, and utterly painless, way to keep up to date is to register as a 'User' on the school website.

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Who decides when the school holidays are taken?

Some school closures are set by the Department of Education and Science and are standardised throughout the country. These are: Halloween Break, Christmas and Easter Holidays. The mid-term break in February can either be a two-day or a five-day break and in any school year there may be some flexible days.  School holidays and any other school closures are ratified by our Board of Management and the dates of these meetings are conveyed to families as soon as they become available.

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What is the school uniform?

The school uniform is

Girls - a grey pullover with maroon trim, grey shirt and maroon trousers or skirt.

Boys - a maroon pullover, a grey shirt and a grey trousers.

Alternatively all pupils can wear their school tracksuits with a maroon polo shirt.

There is an 'EITHER / OR' approach to uniforms in the school....pupils can wear either the uniform or the tracksuit.

Coloured T-shirts and / or football jerseys are not allowed.


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What is the Voluntary Contribution?

A voluntary contribution of €20 per child (subject to a maximum of €40 per family) is collected annually by the Parents' Association (PA).

This money, combined with the monies raised by the PA at various times during the year, are spent solely on the children attending the school.

The PA in the last few years have helped pay for the cost of Soccer and Athletics Coaching, Kick Boxercise, Yoga, Kinder Music and Recorder Classes. The Faythe School are very proud of the fact children are not asked for monies throughout the year for 'various curricular add-ons.'

Following First Communion and Confirmation each child is given a lovely coloured photograph of the Sacrament Class while all children leaving the school are given a lovely 'St. John of God School Autograph Book.'

Teachers of sacrament classes and other school personnel are always remembered by the PA while resources are often supplied for various activities when asked for.

New parents / guardians need never be shy about attending the meetings and are more than welcome to attend and get involved.

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When does school begin and finish?

School starts at 9.00am and finishes at 2.40pm. There is a short break at 10.50am - 11.00 and a lunch break from 12.30pm to 1.00pm.

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When are staff meetings held?

Staff Meetings are now held after school.

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When does my child need a note?

A note is needed in cases of absence, when a child is late for school, or for permission to leave the school before the end of the school day. In general, any special request should be put in writing.

For ease of communication three categories of note have been placed at the back of all pupils notebooks for 2015 /16

If your child has been absent - please use the 'Absence' chit at the back of the notebook to explain their absence on their first day back, remembering that for DES Record Keeping absences are classified as 

A - Illness B - Urgent family reasons C - Expelled D - Suspended

E - Other (e.g Religious observance, death of student, emigration, holidays)

F - Unexplained G - Transfer to another school


Likewise at the start of the year when various things are being paid for, you can make sure that the school has actually received the payment by checking that the receipt for your contribution has been filled in.



Finally should the school wish to bring behaviours (both good and bad) to your attention, a behaviour 'chit' will be sent home.

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