Healthy Eating Policy
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Tuesday, 14th July 2020

Healthy Eating Policy

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In St. John of God Primary School we are very lucky to be in receipt of School Lunches for all pupils.

These are usually available from mid to late September and are supplied by Enniscorthy company, Fresh Today.

Each day the every pupil gets a high quality, nutritious lunch delivered to the school in individually wrapped packages in unique temperature controlled box. This allows kids to eat their sandwiches, wraps or pasta and their fruit of choice, chilled, even hours after delivery to the school.

Children (or parents / guardians) can go on-line or text to change their menu - each child has their own unique password and user name - so no-one gets bored of the same lunch week in / week out.

When lunches are not available families are asked to observe the following 'Healthy Eating' Guidelines.

What is a healthy lunch?

• It is full of goodness like protein, vitamins and calcium

• Contains food with no sugar, because too much sugar is bad for your teeth

• Contains no colouring or additives

• Gives us strength and energy

• Makes us fit and healthy

• Helps our brain power

 For healthier school lunches choose from the following foods: 

Take 1 portion of each:

Take 2 portions of:

Cereals & Bread

rice, pasta, noodles, bread/bap, pitta, wrap, crackers, bagel, roll.


Milk, Cheese, Yoghurt.

 Meat, Fish, Eggs

ham, chicken, tuna, turkey, beans, peanut butter.

 Fresh Fruit & Vegetables:

salad, banana, orange, apple, pear, kiwi, grapes, raisins, uncooked chopped vegetable portion.


Water, Milk, Diluted drinks, Actimel, Fruit juices and


 “Treats” are allowed on Fridays only. i.e. one treat in the lunch box. (fun size bars, biscuit bars, cereal bar)

What should not be in a healthy lunch?

Cereal bars eg Rice Krispie squares, etc Chocolate, sweets, lollipops or jellies Chewing gum, Fruit Winders, Crisps, salted nuts, Cake, biscuits, pastries or doughnuts and Fizzy drinks.

 The following foods are not allowed at any time:

 Crisps, chewing gum, lollipops, fizzy drinks, sugary drinks or energy drinks fried foods such as wedges, chicken wings etc.

What happens if your child forgets their lunch or misses breakfast ?

First off - don't panic as there is always food available for them at the school. Simply let an adult know and the child will be looked after.

Adults are urged not to go to the nearest ‘deli’ to get something handy and usually un-healthy for their child and then bring it to school. It is very un-fair on the other children and makes the promotion of healthy lunches / healthy eating almost impossible to do.

Your co-operation on this initiative is essential.

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