Every child left the school today with a Malteser 'Bunny' compliments of our hard working 'Parents' Council' who also provided bags of 'Free Froms' for our pupils with food intolerances. They will take to the streets again this evening with Easter's 'Split the Pot.'

Their ever popular 'Guess the number of Eggs' competition was held again this year and after intense scrutiny of the 'Guess Sheets' compiled over the past few days by pupils from Ms. Gahan's and Mr. Murphy's 5th and 6th Classes there proved to be '2 Nearly Winners!!!' 

Both from Mr. French's Room 4, M and R were one short with guesses of 236 eggs in the jar.


As normal, all monies raised by the Parents' Association are used for the children in the school just like the treats provided today or the two sets of calculators purchased last week - one for the use of the classes downstairs with a similar set purchased for upstairs.

Thanks for your continued support!