Science Week- November 2020


Science week was from the 8th-15th November 2020. You will see from our videos and photos that we did lots of great work for Science week and had lots of fun while doing it.

Here is a little snapshot of some of the work done in some of the classrooms.

Room one completed an experiment on "Making Shakers" to discover different sounds. They used dice, lentils and sugar and the children had lots of fun making their own shaker bottles.

Room 3 did a skittles experiment and watched the colours spreading out on the plate.

The boys and girls in first class did some great engineering work using marshmallows and spaghetti. They also did a diet coke and mentos sweet experiment to see the reaction. It exploded so fast that we couldn't get a video! Approximately half of the bottle sprayed out. Thankfully we did it in the yard.

Second class conducted three experiments. They did the importance of handwashing, how to make fizzy lemon and a tie-dye milk experiment.

Ms Forde's class made sail cars. The children were given cardboard, styrofoam, skewers, coloured paper and blue tack. The children used the materials to make their own sail cars.

They also did a milk experiment. They poured milk on a plate and added drops of different food colouring into it. Then they added one drop of washing up liquid to the centre of the plate and the colours all spread throughout the surface of the milk.

Then the children did a 'marbling' experiment. They applied shaving foam onto a paper plate and added a couple of drops of food colouring (different colours). Using a lollipop stick, they created a design in the shaving foam. Then they took a piece of card and placed it on top of the shaving foam and the pattern was visible on the card.

Mr. O Donnagáin's 5th class made rockets and let them off up "The Rocks". Have a look at the video to see one in action.

Sixth class did lots of work on Science week. You can read of some of the experiments that they wrote up below.

Have a look at our video and see if you can spot some pictures of these experiments. Well done to all the scientists in the school!

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