Science Week 2021 - Home Experiments for First Class!

Science-Week-Imag_20211122-113525_1 First Class Science Week 2021

Well done to all the children in First Class for taking part in Science Week 2021! This year, the children brought home a Space Rocket Science Experiment. Once the rocket was coloured in, the children placed it in a plastic bag and traced over the shape of the rocket with a permanent marker. They then dipped it in a glass of water to see the colours disappear! This experiment shows how light can play tricks on our eyes and all the children had great fun completing the task, as can be seen in the video clip. Well done to all the families at home for helping with the experiment!

Congratulations to the children in Room 5 and Room 9 who won the Science Week Spot Prize! 

Caroline Mullins (HSCL)

Best of Luck to The Mary's
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