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Maths Week Ireland 2020


 Maths Week Ireland 2020 took place from the 10 th -18 th October.

Each class had a resource pack provided to them with some Maths puzzles and games. We did Maths activities, created posters and solved puzzles. We solved and reated emoji equations and played Maths games on the interactive whiteboards. Sixth class designed a Maths trail for the younger classes. Thank you sixth class!

Some classes made "Figure me out" posters where they put some number facts about themselves on a poster and other people had to guess who made it. There were "Shape Pictures" displayed around the school. Have a look at some photos of the different displays that we put on our doors, boards and corridors. Well done to all the pupils and teachers for participating in Maths Week 2020 and thank you for all the colourful displays.
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