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Tuesday, 21st May 2019

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Focussing on empowering pupils to deal with unacceptable behaviour or the unwanted attention of their peers, the “Stop, Stop, Tell, Tell, Talk, Talk” strategy has been adopted from the start of the school year 2011-12. Read more...

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  • Back where it belongs!!

    One the most talked about gestures made just before the newly refurbished school was re-opened in June 2011 was when the late Matt Carty (a past pupil himself and father and grandfather of past pupils) from Antelope Road, came into the school with a match-stick model of the school. Painstakingly crafted from thousands of matches and with no little skill, no-one was aware of Matt's labour of love until he brought it into the school complete and ready for display. It fascinated hundreds of children as they went about their daily business i ...

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    by Mr. Turner
    Friday, 17 May 2019
  • Extreme Safety Needed at Faythe School

    There will be no Traffic Warden on duty at the Faythe School next week, Monday through to Thursday (20th to 23rd May inclusive). All motorists are asked to be vigilant around the school particularly between the hours of 8.30m to 3.30pm. Your understanding and co-operation on this very serious matter is very much appreciated. ...

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    by Mr. Turner
    Friday, 17 May 2019
  • First Communion 2019

    Congratulations to all the children who made their First Holy Communion last Saturday in Bride Street Church beautifully decorated with the children's Art work. On a day that started with worrying weather, all the children were in 'tip top' form, from their behaviour to their participation in the Sacrament. In front of a congregation that spanned many generations and four continents the children enjoyed their special day as all the hard work done at home and in school since September 2018 came to fruition. The Choir under the dual direct ...

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    by Mr. Turner
    Monday, 06 May 2019
  • From Frogspawn to Frogs

    I am a boy in 5th class who has always been fascinated by animals and nature. Throughout my life I have taken care of many different types of animals, and I was delighted to get the opportunity to take care of the frogspawn in school. It is a difficult task to take care of frogspawn and tadpoles as they require specific conditions. In captivity they require an artificial environment to ensure the survival of as many tadpoles as possible. In the wild only 0.8% of all tadpoles turn in to frogs and 0.1% will reach adulthood. Most of them are los ...

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    by Mr. Gregg
    Thursday, 02 May 2019
  • Runners-Up in South Leinster - FAI 5-a-side Soccer - Well done boys!

    On a day when you 'wouldn't have put a bucket out' the entire 6th Class headed off to Bunclody for the finals of the FAI / Spar South Leinster 5-a-side Soccer Tournament accompanied by the ever present Mr. Murphy, Mr. Doyle and a few very well wrapped up parents. Though normally one of the most picturesque settings in Wexford to play sports, it was one of the worst possible days that pupils were expected to play soccer with howling winds and driving rain from start to finish. The appalling conditions can be seen on the video shown be ...

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    by Mr. Turner
    Wednesday, 01 May 2019
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    Our logo is a cross and an open pomegranate. The cross is the universal symbol of Christianity. The pomegranate has a strong association with the city of Granada in Spain where our patron, St. John of God, lived. The abundance of seeds in the pomegranate is a reminder of God's endless love for us.

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