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Thursday, 21st November 2019

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Focussing on empowering pupils to deal with unacceptable behaviour or the unwanted attention of their peers, the “Stop, Stop, Tell, Tell, Talk, Talk” strategy has been adopted from the start of the school year 2011-12. Read more...

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  • 'Mini Tour - Room 9A - 'Fine but c-c-c-cold!!!'

    On Monday 18th November we went to the Dunbrody ship in New Ross and later reurned to Leisure Max.  It was a very fine day but very, very cold. First we went inside a room where we watched a video about how people lived in the olden days.  Next we went on the ship itself.  There was an upstairs and a downstairs.  My favourite part was the downstairs because we saw how the ‘famine people’ slept and ate during the voyage.  Then ‘Mary O’Brien’ came and talked about the journey.  Then we went on the bus back to We ...

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    by Mr.ÓDonnagáin
    Thursday, 21 November 2019
  • 'Every coin counts' Thank you for your support in Hanrahan's

    Today while paying a bill in Hanrahan’s, Mrs. Hanrahan handed over the slightly worn plastic tub seen above. Adorned with a pink ‘In Aid of the Faythe School Parents’ Association’ label on the front, it was full to the brim of coins, most likely the small change from locals shopping in Hanrahan's who didn’t give second thought to dropping the coppers / shrapnel / washers / scrap in to the tub. It is now bagged and ready for the Parents’ Association. The significant amount of €176.78 came from the tub of scrap!!! Just to put that in perspectiv ...

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    by Mr. Turner
    Sunday, 17 November 2019
  • 3rd Class review 'Science Day.'

    Today as part of Science Week our science class went down to the Hall to see a scientist perform experiments. My favourite experiment was the one where he used the bottle with  H₂O₂.   H₂O₂ is different than water because it has an extra bit of oxygen that does not fit in it. Just like a group at school, the oxygen is the new kid that won't fit in immediately. When this powder called magnesium was poured into the bottle, the extra oxygen became steam and shot out. This became heat and it started to melt when it cooled down and ...

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    by Ms. Conroy
    Saturday, 16 November 2019
  • Stationary Shop

    The Faythe School Stationary Shop will open tomorrow morning. The shop will operate from the breakfast club room and will open from 8.45 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. From next week onwards the shop will open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings during breakfast club. It will also open on Monday and Wednesday at little break from 10:50 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. The purpose of the shop is to allow children, with parental permission, to purchase essential school supplies at a convenient location. The shop will sell the following items and all prices a ...

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    by Ms. Kelly
    Thursday, 14 November 2019
  • Science Day at the Faythe School 2019

    Over the past six months Alice Doyle - Local Community Development Officer at Wexford has been working very closely with the school and in partnership with SFI, Science Foundation Ireland, I.T. Carlow, WWETB, EPA, BIM, Local Link Wexford, the business sector, community groups, national, regional and local agencies to offer a selection of 'fun science events' throughout the county.The main event for the Faythe School took place on Wednesday 13th November when Niall a.ka. the Nutty Professor enthralled all 291 pupils and over 100 parents, guardia ...

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    by Mr. Turner
    Thursday, 14 November 2019
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    Our logo is a cross and an open pomegranate. The cross is the universal symbol of Christianity. The pomegranate has a strong association with the city of Granada in Spain where our patron, St. John of God, lived. The abundance of seeds in the pomegranate is a reminder of God's endless love for us.

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