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Saturday, 4th April 2020

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Focussing on empowering pupils to deal with unacceptable behaviour or the unwanted attention of their peers, the “Stop, Stop, Tell, Tell, Talk, Talk” strategy has been adopted from the start of the school year 2011-12. Read more...

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      Dear Parents and Guardians,This scheme has had to undergo a review to reflect compliance with the recent COVID 19 restrictions. This has taken a considerable amount of time to arrange and as you can imagine is not helped with working remotely. Apologies for the delay in getting back to people.Families that opt for this initiative will receive, by post, a family IDENTIFYING CODE unique to them.  This code will entitle you to purchase breakfast and lunch foods in LONDIS , the Faythe. The code will be valid for a tw ...

    by Ms. Rossiter-Gargan
    Tuesday, 31 March 2020
  • School Lunch / Food Boxes

      Dear Parents and Guardians, St. John of God School will be providing weekly Lunch/ Food Boxes for collection foreach child in the school.  This will happen X1 Day per Week A Parent or Guardian will have to collect box. Boxes will not be given tochildren. This is optional…. You do not have to avail of the Lunch Box Boxes will be distributed from the school and there will be a timetable so toallow for a staggered arrival of people. Boxes will contain NON PERISHABLE goods eg beans, tinned fruit etc We will need to have a rough esti ...

    by Ms. Rossiter-Gargan
    Friday, 27 March 2020
  • Self care and meditation.

      Hi Everyone, I hope everyone is gradually adjusting to this new way of living. It is an anxious time for us all and even though we must keep physically apart, keeping connected with each other is of such importance. Find here a few self cafe and meditation pieces which you might find helpful for yourself or others during this time...           ...

    by Ms. Rossiter-Gargan
    Thursday, 26 March 2020
  • This little piggy... Stayed at home !!!!!

    Remember the old rhyme.... This little piggy went to market..... this little piggy --> Stayed at home !!!!!   Keep Safe!   Kind Regards, Marie R.G | Principal  St. John of God PS       ...

    by Ms. Rossiter-Gargan
    Tuesday, 24 March 2020
  • Time Table Suggestions

      Dear Parents / Guardians, I hope you are all keeping well and looking after yourselves and those dear you. That is THE most important message to hold close these days when we are adjusting to a new ‘normal’.I know lots of people feel that school work should be done every day by all children at home and that. Please remember Parents and Guardians are not now expected to Home School all children. Home schooling is a choice made by people …. This situation emerged and no one had a choice. Some points to remember ...

    by Ms. Rossiter-Gargan
    Monday, 23 March 2020
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    Our logo is a cross and an open pomegranate. The cross is the universal symbol of Christianity. The pomegranate has a strong association with the city of Granada in Spain where our patron, St. John of God, lived. The abundance of seeds in the pomegranate is a reminder of God's endless love for us.

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